Nova Institute Conferences Spring 2019


								Pastel painting of California indigenous people's artifacts and tools including from left to right the rising sun behind rock glyphs, an ornamental headdress of feathers and painted symbols, a handmade basket with freshly picked herbs, a mountain pine tree and a decorated dream catcher behind a new moon at night all on a large rock grind stone with a pestle in one of the grind holes.

Weaving Indigenous Wisdom
into Life and Education

White Feather Ranch

April 12—15, 2019


Courage & Renewal

								A watercolor painting of an Alpine meadow surrounded by tall pines with a blue creek running through. A strong contemporary woman dressed in jeans and tank top is digging while standing in the center of the creek. Her shovel is filled with a mound of shining gold which she is moving toward a wooden treasure chest resting on the banks surrounded by gold dust.

Unearthing And Telling
Our Story

April 05—07, 2019


Nova Institute

Courage To Teach
Child On Father's Shoulder

…seeks to bring  fresh insights into parent and teacher education through a deeper understanding of children.

This understanding is based on a comprehensive view of human development, focusing on a child's need to engage in three distinct ways: actively, emotionally, and thoughtfully.

When parents and teachers help children to
develop good habits of
hand, heart, and mind,

young people become well-rounded individuals who can embrace life, love to learn, and have an abiding concern for their fellow human beings and for the Earth.

Video: Educating Children For The Journey

Jack Petrash at TEDx Rock Creek Park